Who We Are

We set up Quicky Rescue and Recovery Private Limited in 2012. The Company specializes in towing and recovery of vehicles of all sorts and sizes. We also offer roadside assistance and related services. Under those circumstances we provide reliable support services to rescue motorists from any on-the-road challenges. That is who we are and what we do 24 hours of any day.

We will ensure that your vehicle quickly gets where it should be..

Who are we

On the whole, Quicky Rescue and Recovery is a recovery, towing and haulage company. Accordingly, the company that provides a breakdown service which is affordable, practical and doesn’t compromise on quality. A car breakdown can be an inconvenience. It can even lead to loss of goods and perhaps life itself if you stay too long on the roadside. Also consider how the break down of a commercial vehicle can have a real impact on your business. All things being considered we offer all our customers the same, impeccable level of breakdown service. Should your vehicle breakdown we are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our vision

To provide an premium quality service to our clients that is affordable, efficient and will not compromise on quality. Our general aim is to offer timely and convenient service.


We cover for all makes and models from small vehicles to 3.5t vans through to 44t trucks. Quciky Rescue and Recovery can recover any vehicle in Zimbabwe as per client request. With over 9 years experience providing specialist recovery and rescue services, you can put your trust in the competent towing service.

Our industry experts have a wealth of experience and in depth knowledge of vehicles, ancillary equipment, haulage rescue and recovery services. In addition we train our staff to hear you out and to determine your needs. With that understanding of your needs, they will apply their expertise to offer you reliable, quality support.

Quicky Rescue and Recovery is associated with Ruzhowa Private Limited