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24/7 Roadside Assistance

A quick and reliable response when you experience challenges on the road…

Roadside Assistance Hotlines: +263773392158 | +263732467559 |+263778476559

  • Breakdown
  • Battery problem
  • Empty fuel tank
  • Tyre Problem

Tips when you are on the road – 24/7 Roadside Assistance is only a part of the plan.

  1. Don’t panic or lose focus of road safety. Be sure to put your hazard warning lights on. Put on that reflective jacket the police are always asking about.
  2. If it’s dark, foggy or heavily raining, turn on your sidelights to increase your visibility
  3. Ensure if you have any passengers that they are safely away from the vehicle
  4. Call your breakdown cover provider and wait safely for assistance
  5. Put your warning triangle a few metres behind your vehicle on the same side of the road. This prepares other motorists to slow down