Light and Heavy Vehicle Towing

Light and Heavy Vehicle Towing and recovery

24/7 Roadside Assistance

A quick and reliable response when you experience challenges on the road… Roadside Assistance Hotlines: +263773392158 | +263732467559 |+263778476559 Tips when you are on the road – 24/7 Roadside Assistance is only a part of the plan. Don’t panic or lose focus of road safety. Be sure to put your hazard warning lights on. Put on that reflective jacket […]

Quicky Rescue - Towing coca - cola Delivery Truck

Moving equipment vehicles such as tractors and forklifts

We move equipment vehicles such as tractors and forklifts

Quick To The Rescue


Stay connected while you travel – A Working Phone and Quick Rescue And Recovery’s Hotline

We know that prevention is better than cure. A statement more true when driving is concerned. Accidents or car faults are better avoided than remedied. As such, we will be offering you tips to keep you going and avoid hiccups on your journey. However, when things get bad, we are not the ones to say, “we told you so”. Just give us a call any time of any day and we will be quick to the rescue. That is why you should have Quicky Rescue and Recovery’s contact (hotline) as part of your preparation for the Journey.

Roadside Assistance

The longer you stay on the road, the higher the chances of you running into more serious trouble. As such, we are constantly working plans to facilitate a quick rescue. Read more

Heavy Vehicle Towing

Our role in your business is to save you time, money and trouble when your vehicle become immobile. QRR is prepared to tow your haulage trucks, or small service vehicles at an affordable rate


Moving Equipment

Light Vehicle Towing

Cars take people and goods places.. And we take cars places… Either light or heavy.. You can rely on us for that; Every hour of every day

Manage your Fuel – In Case it runs out, Quicky Rescue and Recovery will rash to your aid.

Use this route calculator to come up with an estimated fuel budget. Remember, this is just an estimate.